How to Celebrate Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

We celebrate Dental Assistant Appreciation Week the first week of every March. This is an opportunity for dentists and dental teams to show how much their dental assistants mean to them. This is also an opportunity to spoil them and make them feel special.

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Dental assistants support dentists and oral surgeons in properly caring for patients. They help ready patients for dental work such as surgery, x-rays, or cleaning routines. They may assist dentists during surgery as an extra trained pair of hands and may create temporary crowns or take impressions.

So a dental assistant is clearly a very important part of your practice and honouring them for one week doesn’t seem to be enough at all.

How to Show Appreciation for your Dental Assistant?

Showing your dental assistant how much they mean to you and your practice doesn’t need to be a big task. We have come up with a few fun ways you can make them feel appreciated and special.

Patients know best

Nothing makes a dental assistant feel more special than having the patients they help tell them how special they are. You can have a collection of all the special messages from patients showing your dental assistant how much he or she has made an impact on patients.

Take over the dreaded task.

We all have those tasks that we wish we didn’t have to do. Make your dental assistant feel appreciated by taking on their most dreaded task for the week.

Feed them

Who doesn’t like a free meal? This dental appreciation week spoil your assistant by taking them to their favourite restaurant and getting them their favourite meal.

Gifts galore

Throw a small office party and shower your dental assistant with gifts. Find what your dental assistant has been dying to get then gift it to them as a way of showing them how much they mean to you and your practice.

Give them a break

We can all do with a break. A day off work would be a great gift to your dental assistant. Plan to get a temp on the chosen day and give your dental assistant the rare gift of complete rest.


We join the rest of the world in appreciating how amazing dental assistants are. It takes a lot to give your very best in the hard work you do that is why today we say thank you and happy Dental Assistant Appreciation week

You’re an amazing team member who gives of yourself every day. You are a dental assistant! While not everyone understands why we work so hard, we know why. This profession isn’t for everyone; it’s for the best of the best, and that means you. So, celebrate with you.

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