How Does Dental Practice Outsourcing Benefit Dental Businesses?

At SupportDDS we offer the best outsourcing services for dental practices in the United States. Many dentists wonder, “ How does dental  outsourcing benefit my practice or business?” 

Running a dental practice involves much more than treating patients. You need to hire and manage front office staff, ensure timely billing (patients and payers), handle accounts receivable and payable, and so on. These are labour and time-consuming tasks that you cannot complete with one team. This is because the same team is also supposed to be attending to patients. So how can outsourcing help your business? 


Yes! Savings because there are many ways outsourcing can save you. It is estimated that poor billing practices lead to a loss of about $125 billion annually. Outsourcing your business processes like dental billing, billing, coding,  insurance verification and any other process will help your practice save money. Once this saving is realized you are in a better position to grow your dental practice or dental business.  

In addition to the cost savings, you also save on time when you outsource your business processes. When you offload your business processes to an outsourced virtual team member, you and your team have more time to focus on core tasks. This means you can see more patients and grow your business. 

Lastly, you get to save on additional costs. Outsourcing is on a virtual platform which means you do not have any setup costs for your new team member. Companies like SupportDDS allow you to get the best virtual team members for a single set fee. This means you will be getting quality work without any unexpected charges 

Innovative solutions 

Outsourcing gives you access to the latest in business solutions at a low fee. Outsourcing companies like SupportDDS furnish virtual team members with state-of-the-art workstations with all the tools required to efficiently achieve the requirements of your tasks. 

When you outsource you are assured that your dental enterprise will be taking advantage of all the latest technology. With outsourcing, you will realize faster turnaround on tasks, better patient retention, and improved revenue generation and retention. 

Get the best mind from anywhere in the world. 

Outsourcing makes your recruitment potential limitless. You can get trained personnel from anywhere in the world to be a part of your current team. The best part is you are kept in the control of the entire outsourcing process, you get to choose the best team member to complement your team.  


One of the biggest myths about outsourcing is that it isn’t secure, which is false. SupportDDS has made it its mission to keep all its operations HIPAA compliant and in line with any international regulation there is. This means outsourcing with such a company keeps your work secure at all times. 

Ask These Questions When Choosing a Dental Outsourcing Company

  • What efficient systems are there in place to submit error-free claims?
  • Do you assign a dedicated team and project manager for each client?
  • What is your pricing model like?
  • What dental software do you use to perform verifications?
  • How long have you been serving dental clients?
  • How do you differ from competitors?

SupportDDS is a leading Texas-based in-sourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for dental practices. Moreover, we provide both short and long-term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.