Advantages of outsourcing your dental practice processes to SupportDDS

SupportDDS is a Texas-based outsourcing company that is offering exceptional services to dental companies all over the United States and beyond. Now many of you might be asking, “Of all the places why setup in Zimbabwe?” In this article, we look at why we believe your outsourced work is in the safest hands with our team in Zimbabwe.

The high quality of education

Zimbabwe is a Southern African country with a 90% literacy rate, the highest in Africa, According to Zimstat,97% of the country’s 13 million people are literate.  A sizeable number of that population holds a University Degree from an established and reputable institution within the country or abroad.

The high command of the English language

The Zimbabwe population has a firm command of Queens English. When you communicate with a team member from Zimbabwe you will not find it hard to understand what they will be saying. This is a great thing as you want your team member to be the good communicator between you and your clients.

Overlapping time zones

Zimbabwe is in a strategic time zone that allows its clients to work with their outsourced team members. We say strategic because even after you have called it a day your team member can stay a few more hours making sure your business runs a little longer than your competition.

Dedicated teams

Unlike other outsourcing institutions, SupportDDS has team members that are dedicated to your company. That means when you hire Jane or John to be your outsourced team member then it is only them that will be working for you and no one else.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Zimbabwe has an international standard infrastructure. As we speak the Head office of SupportDDS is at the Joina City building in the capital Harare’s CBD. This is an A-class high-rise building offering an optimal working environment for all team members.

In addition, Zimbabwe has a well-established and reliable internet system. This means that you will have reliable communication with your team member not to mention optimal data security.

The takeaway

We could go on and on about the many advantages that Zimbabwe has as an outsourcing destination. With a rich selection of human resources and good communication, Zimbabwe is prime for making your business a viable success.