Make outsourcing work for you!

We provide dental offices with complete front desk support. Our team members are trained and HIPAA certified. Some of our fully customizable solutions include:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Hygiene Recare
  • Reactivation of Patients
  • Unscheduled Treatment Plans
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Patient Care Follow Up
  • Filling Cancellations/Openings

Let your in-house team focus on delivering great patient care and let us do the rest.

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Get a virtual team with no contractual worries!

  • HIPAA Certified
  • Flat Fee
  • Dedicated Team Member



Flat Fee

Full-Time Dedicated


Your outsourced team members work solely for you. They do not work for any other practice.

No Long Term Contract Needed

We provide long or short term services without the stress of a lengthy contract. All that is needed is a 30 day notice to end our service to you. 

Work Schedule

Your outsourced team member will work on the same hourly schedule as you.

English as a first language

English is the official language of Zimbabwe. This eliminates any language barriers between your outsourced virtual team member, your organization and your patients.

Insurance Verification
Billing & Claims
Hygiene Recare
Unscheduled Treatment Plans
Reactivation of Patients
Patient Care Follow-Up
Appointment Confirmation
Patient Scheduling

Helping you deliver a great patient experience

At Support DDS, we understand that growing dental practices can get inundated with repetitive tasks, such as insurance verification. That’s why we provide trained team members that are dedicated to your practice alone. This frees up your time and enables you to provide the best patient experience.

Save up to 60% on your overhead

At Support DDS, we only give you the services you need, when you need them, as you need them. This means you only spend on what your practice really needs. Outsourcing has been proven to save practices up to 60% on operational costs.


Start Optmizing Your Dental Office For Success.

Start Optimizing Your Dental Office For Success

Let Your In-house Team Focus On Great Patient Delivery and Let Us Do The Rest.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“SupportDDS has proven to be a fantastic asset to our growing dental practice. We have trained Melody to provide all of our insurance verification, how to input that info into our PM software, she pulls recare reports weekly, and even follows up with patients when we have missing insurance and demographic information.”

Dr. Nikki Green

Fort Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, PLLC