What Our Clients Have to Say.

Dr. Nikki Green Fort Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, PLLC

SupportDDS has proven to be a fantastic asset to our growing dental practice. We have trained Melody to provide all of our insurance verification, how to input that info into our PM software, she pulls recare reports weekly, and even follows up with patients when we have missing insurance and demographic information.

Wade Oliver Sales Manager, Wade AMG LLC

I started with two staff members and have quickly grown to over ten staff members in Zimbabwe in 18 months. We utilize the outsourcing staff for; Accounting, Logistics, IT Support, Marketing, Purchasing and our online presence. Truly without this amazing staff, my company would not have seen the growth and efficiency we have today

Dianne Sales Manager, Wade AMG LLC

I have been working with a team member from SupportDDS since the fall of 2019 and I can say that it has been a really great experience. Having this extra team member to kind of take up the slack and do these things that are so time-consuming off our plates helps our office move in a better direction ... If you have any questions feel free to call our office it’s 406 443-5526.

Elijah Desmond Smiles at Sea dental festival

The interview process and the selection were very difficult to decide who we wanted. It was so difficult we almost ended up hiring two people when we only wanted one … I’m working with someone who is an executive assistant but I believe has a Master’s degree and is a very highly intelligent human who is literally accomplishing more things than three people can accomplish in just one work hour or one work day shift.

Dr. Jennifer Datwyler

one of the best decisions I made this year was to hire a remote team member through SupportDDS. Victoria has been a wonderful addition to my practice. She has taken a lot of stress off of my team members and allowed us to practice stress-free and enjoy more beautiful days. Victoria does all of our insurance verification, she follows up on outstanding insurance claims and she’s just a wonderful joyous person, a beautiful addition to our team. I highly recommend SupportDDS, it has been life-changing for me in my practice.

Smalltown Dental Dental Practice

I have heard positive feedback from each of the offices. Team members are telling me they can take more time with their patients and explain procedures to them because they don't feel rushed. Practice Managers are hearing their business teams provide more detail on the phones because they don't have an insurance company on hold on the other line they need to get back to. This is allowing the Smalltown organization to get closer to the vision Dr. Pete has for providing "small-town" care for his patients. I am so grateful.

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