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Finding freedom is what we all need in our workspaces, home, and social setting. This podcast is an insightful point of perspective that discusses lifestyle, business, values, and spirituality. Join us as we speak on a variety of issues and impact lives. While you are here, don’t forget to subscribe and share with your peers. You’ve made a great decision listening to Global Impact Podcast.


Get more time in your day through outsourcing.

Time is an invaluable commodity. As […]

Whats in the dental news today ?

Steps to selecting the right team member for your practice.

Finding new employees takes time and […]

Advantages of outsourcing your dental practice processes to SupportDDS

SupportDDS is a Texas-based outsourcing company […]

Elevate Your Culture with the Right Team

Change and Growth will be the […]

How Does Dental Practice Outsourcing Benefit Dental Businesses?

At SupportDDS we offer the best […]

How can you increase cash flow in your dental office? 

Dental practices like any other business […]

Can your practice thrive using recertified dental equipment?

Dental practice equipment makes the backbone […]

5 ways to keep your dental practice HIPAA compliant in 2022

HIPAA compliance can be an overwhelming […]

The importance of SEO in dental practice marketing.

What is Dental SEO? Search engine […]

How to Celebrate Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

We celebrate Dental Assistant Appreciation Week […]

Amazing women who had an impact on dentistry and the world. 

The dental world has seen many […]

Dental conferences you should not miss in 2022

2022 promises an exciting year ahead […]

Top tips to increase your practice efficiency in 2022

2022 is rolling out fast, and […]

Improve your patient retention in 5 easy steps.

To have a successful practice you […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant has become […]

Why does your dental practice need centralized outsourcing support ? 

Outsourcing has sparked many a debate […]

Outsourcing Dental Insurance Verification: The best strategy to improve your revenue cycle

Outsourcing dental insurance verification will have […]

Dental Conferences you Cannot Miss in 2021.

Conferences have always been a great […]

Dental Industry Trends your Practice Should Adopt in 2021

Dental Industry Trends 2021 2021 is […]

It’s time to elevate your dental practice and increase your team’s productivity.

With the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic, dentists […]

What You Can Do To Increase Productivity In Your Dental Office.

As 2020 comes to a close […]

Dental Billing Outsourcing: How to Increase Cash Inflows in 2021

Dental billing comes in as a […]

Episode 22 | Rise Of The Remote Workforce

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Africa Set to Become One of the Best Outsourcing Destinations

Choosing the best outsourcing destination has […]

Episode 21 | Keep Your Fork – with Brad Smith

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Online Reputation Management And Its Impact On Your Business

Reputation is the beliefs or opinions […]

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Patients

A good relationship with patients is […]

5 Tips for Creating A Winning Dental Practice

Having a well-synchronized team is important […]

Episode 20 | Love Is Good For Business – with Jeremy Clampett

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to help them” (Proverbs 3:27)

The urgent need for today’s world […]

Episode 19 | Winter Always Comes – with Dr David Moffet

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Kick Start Your Dental Practice Transition

Calls have been made for dentists […]

10 Social Media Ideas To Attract More Patients To Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you might be […]

Episode 18 | Resilience with Ken Sharpe

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Dental Office Tips And Ideas For June

Regulations on dental practices are changing […]

Is Your Practice Ready To Bounce Back?

Public health experts are slowly relaxing […]

Top 10 Reasons to In-source When in Crisis

In the midst of crisis, your […]

Post-COVID19: Dental Practice Opening Checklist

Dental practices in a number of […]

Learning From A Crisis And Getting Back To Business

The COVID- 19 pandemic swept across […]

Episode 17 | 5 Ways to Navigate Through Adversity to Opportunity

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Digital Marketing for Dentists: Why You Practice Need it Right Now

Are you leveraging digital marketing for […]

Episode 16 | Build A Better Mousetrap

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Teledentistry: Adjusting the Way You Practice

With most of the world social […]

Episode 15 | Scott Dickson | Never Give Up

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Insurance Verification After The Chaos

Hi, this is J W Oliver […]

Episode 14 | Dr Cheng Ruan | Pivoting Medicine In A Time Of Need

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 13 | Insurance After The Chaos

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

6 Ways To Keep Your Dental Practice Running During this Pandemic

As the fight with the COVID-19 […]

Surfing The Tsunami With Dr Bruce Baird

We recently got a chance to […]

Episode 12 | Caleb Breakey – Books For Impact

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

How Small Businesses Can Get Money from the Stimulus Package

Here’s a guide on how to […]

Episode 11 | Dr Bruce Baird – Surfing The Tsunami

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

In-sourcing During and After this Covid-19 Pandemic

Insourcing is the business practice of contracting […]

Working Remotely During the Corona Virus Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has rapidly […]

Episode 10 | Lionel Young – Leading Through A Crisis

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 9 | Leadership, Empathy and Systems with Dr Nikki Green

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Why You Need Good Insurance Verification

Good Insurance verification has now become […]

Dealing with Toxic Team Members in 4 Easy Steps

How to identify Toxic team members […]

Episode 8 | Chris Pruitt – Overcoming Adversity

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Why Patient Reviews are Important for Your Dental Practice

Patient Reviews are important, Really important […]

Episode 7 | Dr. Nikki Green – Elevate Your Team

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 6 | JW Oliver – Dream Big!

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

How To Increase Virtual Team Productivity

A virtual team has become the […]

Centralizing Dental Support Services

If one of your goals as […]

7 Ways You Can Increase Your Dental Productivity

As a busy practice owner, you […]

Episode 5 | Mike Johnson – I See It! Productions

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 4 | David Moffet Part 2

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 3 | Insourcing vs Outsourcing

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Episode 2 | David Moffet Part 1

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

How To Improve Your Team’s Customer Service Skills

Teamwork makes the dream work! An […]

How To Motivate Your Dental Team

Having a motivated dental team goes […]

4 Simple Ways to Improve Collections in Your Dental Practice

Improving collection is a key aspect […]

Episode 1 | Kim Bearden – Changing lives one student at a time.

In this episode of Global Impact, […]

Are My Patient’s Dental Records Safe?

Dental records security is always a […]

6 Useful Apps to Boost Your Productivity

There are a number of apps […]

Common Dental Billing Issues and How to Solve Them

Dental billing can be considered as […]

Why You Should Insource and Not Outsource

There is a fine line that […]

SupportDDS on the Productive Dentist Podcast

We had the honor of welcoming […]

How important is dental patient care after they have left your practice

Dental patient care follow up has […]

Payroll costs driving you up the wall? Here’s how to Save up to 75%

Money, Money, Money, that’s probably the […]

Insourcing versus Outsourcing

There is a distinctive difference between […]

5 Proven Ways of Increasing your Dental Appointments

Dentistry like any other business is […]

Becoming more than just a business: Chenga Ose Association

When giving back is part of […]

How Pink Became the Color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The month of October comes with […]

Communicating with Virtual Teams

Virtual Team members work remotely from […]

Managing A Virtual Team

Recruiting virtual team members is becoming […]

It’s more than just payroll

In the hiring of a new […]

Global & Mobile

Dream Big. Set goals. Make plans. […]

No Talent Required

University education, Masters’ degree, PhD, advanced […]

Cashflow Insomnia: How Outsourcing Helps You Sleep Better

Fast-growing businesses can be exhilarating as […]

5 Keys To Virtual Team Success

Increase productivity and get a return […]

Home Rebuild Petrina

Growing Together Goals: Assisting our very own, Petrina, in rebuilding her house after it had been reduced to ashes by a vicious fire. We came together and demonstrated how we will “Grow Together”!

Rose Of Sharon Visit

As part of our Outreach Project, we periodically visit Rose Of Sharon Visit Children’s home and help out in any way we can including donating food, cleaning and praying with the children.

Hopley Outreach Project

Takudza is an eight-year-old orphan who […]

Distracted From Success

We are inundated with interruptions “disguised […]

More Time

More time is what we all […]

From Dream Team To Reality

Ready, Set… We often need help […]

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