We create career opportunities for the people of Africa by outsourcing their talents to the world.

SupportDDS is an outsourcing company that helps you find the best virtual teams for your business. Our goal is to provide hope and esteem to the people of Africa while helping you grow your business with highly educated, English speaking virtual teams at up to 75% off U.S. pricing.

Meet Our Team

Here to serve you.
JW Oliver Jr
Managing Partner

Ken Sharpe

John Awtry

Bradford Smith
General Manager - Harare

Farai Sibaya
Assistant General Manager

Mike Johnson
We Support Ministries - GM

Nabeelah Jogee
Hr Director

Maidei Mutiza
HR Admin

Mary Chimowa

Ruvimbo Tapera
Account Resource Manager

Denise Muchemenyi
Account Resource Manager

Caleb Juru
Account Resource Manager

Cleopatra Sibve
Director of Customer Experience

Chido Musasiwa

Winnie Ncube

Sean Kaboti

Martin Spencer

Michelle Manjengwa

Richard Chirangande

Rob Garber
VP Sales - USA

Brenda McNulty
Sales - USA

Takura F.A Chamanga
IT Manager

Prosper Ngwenya

Innocent Murauro

Micheal Gowagowa

Karl Salimu
Marketing Lead

Tinashe Makoto
Audiovisual Platforms

Daryl Oldenburg
Creative Director

Miriam Nyakudzuka
Project Manager

Wayne Kademaunga
Marketing Coordinator

Tiffany Dyoko
Graphic Designer

Pamela Sillah
Web Developer

Leonard Chinyama
Content Creator

Elvis Kagoro
Marketing Coordinator

Bornwell Ndhlovu
Creative Designer

Sam Muzivi
Pastoral Care

Abel Makahamadze
Pastoral Care

Anyway Jacob

Charles Maocha

Tinayi Makuwerere

Takunda Muteveri

Theresa Toendepi
Office Appeal

Tinashe Maringisanwa
Office Appeal

Sarudzai Frakishoni
Office Appeal

Byron Japoko
Office Appeal

Client testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

Community Work

Community Work is the outreach program of Global BP, where we strive to make a difference in the lives of our community by letting the light of Christ shine through our actions. We began this outreach in February 2018, less than a year after BP Solutions started operating in Zimbabwe.
Home Rebuild Petrina

Assisting our very own, Petrina, in rebuilding her house after it had been reduced to ashes by a vicious fire. We came together and demonstrated how we will “Grow Together”!

Hopley Outreach Project

Takudza is an eight-year-old orphan who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Recently he struggled from a bout with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized.

Rose Of Sharon Visit

As part of our Outreach Project, we periodically visit Rose Of Sharon Children’s home and help out in any way we can including donating food, cleaning and praying with the children.

Some of our partners