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How important is dental patient care after they have left your practice

March 21, 2023

How important is dental patient care after they have left your practice

Dental patient care follow-up has become something of a lost tradition among practitioners. This simple practice can do more for your practice than most care to recognize. Dental patient care follow-up can have all positive effects from improving patient retention to protecting you from possible legal suits.

Why you should invest in Dental patient care follow-up

Dentistry like any other business relied on a good reputation from its consumers. Having a good follow-up system ensures that patients feel well looked after by their dentist and that they keep returning to your practice. Following up on your patients is one of the best marketing strategies you can ever invest in.

There are more in-depth benefits to dental patient follow-ups. As a dentist, you do not want to be caught off guard by a patient’s call. This helps you get ahead of the curve by checking on a patient’s recovery after a procedure.

As you interact with your patient you can make any adjustments to their medication or schedule them for an impromptu visit should you deem it necessary. As you follow up on your patients you ensure that the work you do is perfected always keeping your dental record at a high.

This process also gives you a chance to interact with your patients outside the petrifying “The dentist is going to drill my teeth” zone. Communication is key to establishing good practice and there is no better time to communicate with your patients. Patients have the platform to ask questions and give you helpful reviews and feedback to better your practice.

Follow-ups do not limit you to existing patients only. When a practice revises its patient care follow up it makes it possible to reach out to old patients and convince them to rejoin your thriving practice. Reactivation of old lost patience is made easier as there will already be an existing record of their dental history.

The benefits of dental patient care follow-ups

Though the idea of being in touch with your patients current and old is a good one. It all can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. There is a solution to this though. Outsourcing your patient care follow-up can create an efficient practice at half the time and monetary cost.

When you outsource you give the task of calling and scheduling to professional personnel who are trained and qualified in dental coordination. In a short period, you will see more patients in your practice and less strain on existing staff as they will be focused on giving good patient care.

Follow-ups are not limited to calls made after a procedure. Your chosen outsourcing company will ensure that a good scheduling system will be put in place. This means that more appointments are made yet none are missed by your patients.


A well-organized and systematic follow-up leads to more patients requesting appointments at your practice.  Dental patients care follow-ups will increase your practice’s reputation, awareness and profitability.