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More Time

November 14, 2022

More Time

There are five keys to achieving success with your VT.

  • Identify
    • Define the resources you need and be specific. Your VT firm can only recruit as well as the details provided. Be specific with:
      • Title/position
      • Work hours
      • Skill set
      • Expected reporting
      • Detail of daily/weekly work
      • Goals and objectives
    • Train/Train/Train
      • Then train some more. Don’t expect to achieve results unless you spend proper time showing them your vision. Your VT is no different than physical team members. Train them for success!
    • Micro-Manage (Don’t)
      • Once you have selected and trained, let your VT go to work. Will they make mistakes? YES, but don’t we all. Allow them to soar.
    • Reporting
      • Develop a weekly/monthly system for feedback and reporting.
    • Communicate
      • Critical that you have good, open means of communication with your VT. Phone, email, video conferencing, etc. Set regular meetings to review their reporting and progress and to direct and redirect as needed.

With some advanced thought, intentional training, you will free you and your team up to focus on your business and free up time for planning, projects and family.

J.W. Oliver is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for GlobalBPsolutions.com based in Texas with a BP centre in Africa. They are a Christian based business with a desire to help business and ministries be their very best while helping support others Globally.