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November 14, 2022


Dental billing is an important part of any dental business. This is how dental businesses get reimbursed for procedures conducted. Without a proper dental billing system put in place, your dental business or practice stands to lose a substantial amount in defaulted payments and bad claims.

In this article, we look at a few key problems that come with dental billing and the possible solutions for them. We also help gain more time and establish better revenue cycle management for the growth of your dental business. So, without further ado, let's get to the first point.

Improve your billing, improve your revenue

We have already established that good billing systems make for better revenue cycles in your business. How? When you have your claims and payments properly handled you will have fewer defaults on payments. Once this is achieved, you will realize better revenue flow in your business helping you to grow and widen the scope of your dental business.

Better billing brings better teams.

No! this doesn’t mean you are replacing your team. When you have an improved billing system your team is given a competitive edge. Your team will have more time to spend with patients, grow their skills and build a practice culture that will improve the efficiency of your whole practice. A good billing system rids your team with time-consuming tasks, giving them more time to be a team.

Improve your patient retention

When your dental billing systems are in order your patients will experience improved, accurate and efficient service. Verifications will be handled faster and claims will be handled with almost none denied. Having a good number of patients is every dentist's goal. This becomes more achievable when good billing systems are in place.

How do you achieve this and more?

We can go on and on about how good dental billing systems can better your dental business. The biggest question will remain. How do you achieve this level of efficiency in your dental business?

We strongly recommend outsourcing as a sure way of getting all the above solutions for your practice. When you outsource your dental billing, you are getting international expertise for your dental business at a fraction of having a full-time team member.

Why do we recommend outsourcing?

Only the best for your billing.

Outsourcing your dental billing gets you the best possible virtual team member to handle your billing. SupportDDS for instance has a wide selection of university-educated and experienced candidates for your business. Outsourcing widens your selection range. You can get a team member from anywhere on the globe.

You are in control of your selection process.

You are in total control of the selection process. SupportDDS has made selection as simple as it can be so that you can get to work faster. In 5 simple steps, you will have incorporated a virtual team member who will help your business grow

  1. Submit a job description to us.
  2. We review all resumes/CVs & choose the top candidates.
  3. We set up video interviews.
  4. You select the best person for the job.
  5. The hiring process begins.

Save more Do more.

Outsourcing has long been the turn for businesses looking to grow while saving on operation costs. SupportDDS is no different. When you outsource with us you stand to save up to 70% on operation costs. We achieve this by providing your virtual team member with everything they need to be the best team member for your business.

Our team members are also dedicated to your business. That means when you get a team member from SupportDDS you will be working solely with that team member for as long as you need them. You can safely incorporate them into your team.

Service as you need it.

Outsourcing offers a ‘Your systems, your way ‘approach to doing business. What this means is you get to determine what your outsourcing experience will be like. With SupportDDS you are free from long-term contracts, giving you only the service you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Tip the odds in your favour.

When Dental billing is done right you will benefit from a well-balanced practice. With an outsourced virtual team member your billing systems will benefit from the best solutions on the market while saving on operation costs.

Choose Africa as your next outsourcing destination.
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